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Posted by Amy on September 20, 2001 at 22:51:21:

In Reply to: ROOMATES!!! posted by Val on June 23, 2001 at 07:46:00:

: I'm a 22 yr old freshman and have recently started
: work as a web designer. I declare myself as an
: enforcer of truth and reality and in the past have
: shaken people・s lives by giving them wakeup calls. My
: perception of people has almost never failed me, call
: it good but more like a gift that seems to work
: against me.

: Here it goes:
: I live in a house sharing with six other people, the
: landlady shares her room with another girl who has
: been causing a lot of stir in the house. I am fairly
: new there but as I have learned more about this
: .trouble female・ I am increasingly getting sick of
: her behavior. I basically gave her the shaft from day
: one (not the sex shaft) but kept out of her way
: because just about everyday after work when I get home
: she starts flirting with me and it bugs the hell out
: of me.

: In the near future I intend to take action by
: discussing my feelings about her behavior towards me,
: this will be one to one and it shouldn・t be a
: problem.

: She・s a prime evil: the other housemates beside one
: guy don・t like her. I・ve heard her make conniving
: comments at others (especially the females and the
: couple) and basically my impression of her is: she・s
: jealous, vindictive and pretentious.

: That isn・t a problem for me, but yesterday we were
: going out to have a meeting over a coffee (everybody
: minus her) because the landlady was going to tell us
: about a recent argument she had with .prime evil・,
: (forgive the unmerciful reference) . Anyway in the
: name of the lesser power did she ask what we were
: doing and .invited・ herself to join us. One of the
: girls said: .of course・. "big load of BS

: So I sat there down and depressed the whole time and
: they wondered what was up with me. My dissapointment
: here is in my housemates not being open and telling
: her the truth. I have tried and will continue to
: endorse the .responsible and diplomatic・ way of
: truth but their humble and reserved cultural values
: keep them back from self-disclosure and they go on
: taking shit from herK I have a genuine concern for
: the landlady and the others and I don・t want them to
: face this agony any more.

: Besides setting an example (by me confronting her
: hideous flirtations towards me) , should I mention
: their issues or just stick to mine?

: I vow to protect the feint hearted so what would be
: the best wayK to bring out this reality and make our
: household a better place? -while causing the least
: damage? And when is the time to cause damage if
: absolutely necessary?


I am 24 and just moved back to New Orleans from San Diego and I was browsing for a roomate before I unexpectedly came across this website. You are a very interesting writer. Your story made me laugh. I would like to know what happend to that roomate and how you all handled the situation. Please post another story or e-mail me.


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