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Re: 4 years of lies

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Posted by Chris on September 20, 2001 at 22:55:02:

In Reply to: 4 years of lies posted by Glyn on September 20, 2001 at 15:15:23:

Dear Glyn,

I had my guts ripped out by a girl I was deply in love with when I was 15. We loved and loved and loved. Ice cream cones and kittie cats and love love love and then she SHOVED IN THE KNIFE!!!!!

She went away for the summer and came back with the word STEVE on her notebook!!!! This bitch.

I wanted to hang myself. I felt so miserable.

I became the darkest meanest punk rocker in Los Angeles ( or at least I thought I was). I hated everyone and everything because this chick had dumped me so miserably.

I got other chicks but I was ruthless and deceptive to them. I used to get them and then fuck their friends behind their backs. And all of it to get back at this one bitch.

Well, I caused a lot of pain for a lot of people but ultimately I only ended up hurting myself.

Don't get bitter, man. I did. It is an ugly road.

Remember that the good times you had were special -- but even MORE special moments with an even more special woman AWAIT you!!

It hurts now but I promise you -- and I have BEEN THERE -- it does get better. Remember, success is the best revenge, so just hang in there -- study hard -- get your internships and do well. It is a BLESSING you don't know anyone in college right now because you will be able to spend all your time STUDYING. I know that doesn't sound fun but when you are graduating with honors while she is still struggling -- and probably in a horrible relationship with the fiftieth dude since you -- you will have shown her that you not only SURVIVED but you have THRIVED!!

THRIVE Glyn, THRIVE!!!!! -- Listen, I happen to know this site pretty good so click this associated link with this post and you'll see a pretty fun story that might put your problems in a new light.

-- Chris

PS -- I am now married to the most beautiful woman on the planet and I could not care less about that girl who hurt me in my teens. (I wish her the best now.) But I am happy with a wife and a baby -- happier than I have ever been, even though I thought I would never love again.

: I was with my girlfriend for four years. Apparantly she never loved me. Numerous people have told me this (her friends) and she herself has confirmed that she was afraid to break up with me because she thought I'd take it badly.

: For years she cheated on me, over and over again, in some sick effort to get me to break up with her. I went through a lot of pain, but I forgave her every time. Guess she hadn't thought of that.

: So on and on we went, for FOUR YEARS, from ages 15 to 19. I loved her with all my heart, and though that may be hard to believe coming from a 19 year old, it's true. I loved her.

: She left me for someone else, and since then hasn't shown one bit of regret for what she's done to me. She's happy as a clam with her new boyfriend. Meanwhile, I'm at a school where the only people I knew was her and her friends, now I have no one. A lot of my friends/potential friends were her friends too.

: I feel very alone.

: I feel completely betrayed.

: and I have no one to talk to.

: So I'm posting on the net.

: If you've got something, anything, that could help me deal with this in some way, please e-mail me. It's been over a month, and I feel the same fscking pain every day.

: I'm sick of it, I'm sick of thinking about her all the time. It's a waking nightmare.

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