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Re: I hate my life , wow, thats original

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Posted by Katie on September 20, 2001 at 23:05:25:

In Reply to: I hate my life , wow, thats original posted by Jason on September 15, 2001 at 23:49:19:

I used to be into the meathead jocks too, but now I want a smart guy -- Like you Jason! I mean, I know that probably sounds weird but I know that those masturbating meathead jock toady shits wouldn't spill their thoughts and feelings like you just did. And the more you wrote, the more I liked you. What do you mean you have everything? That's not why I liked you but it made me curious. I go to Hollywood high and I have a nice car from daddy and a great sterio and everything else I want but I know what you mean -- you can have everything and still hate your life. I get drunk like everyday before I go to school and no one knows. My mom's such a btich -- I steal her booze and her pills -- so now you're gonna think I'm a total druggy but I'm not -- anwya -- I want to know more about you Jason -- whadup?

: Im writing this cause i need to tell some one or something. I HATE MY LIfe its the fricken the worst, for starters my mom has been devorced 5 times and just got married. My dad is insane and lives in the 50's. I go to a school were every one judges you by what you wear or how your hair is. Every time i meet a girl that likes me i always seem to mess it up and now i hope i meet a girl that likes me cause im sick of liking the same people ive known for 3 years. I dont get it how you can have everything in the world ( like i do ) but with out someone to share it with, i might as well have nothing. Also what i dont get is how all these hot ass girls go out with these meat heads and jocks and they treat them like a foot ball and always cry over them and get there hearts broken...... why dont they want a guy that would care about them and care what they have to say and actually treat them right. Im so sick of seeing that. And what the worst thing is, about 2 years ago i had it all i was in love with a bueatyful girl and just everything seemed right but i know that couldnt have gone on for ever but why did i go from her to nothin. Seriously know one would never no how bad my luck is , for example a girl named kelly liked me and i liked her but i didnt even know her but she wanted me to ask her out but im was to stupid and i said i wanna get to know you first so i started talking to her and she meets another guy and he asks her out and of course she says yes cause she thinks ill never go out with her, while all this is happening her best friend was like in love with me but i wanted kelly back so bad i didnt even give her a glance.... well 6 months go by and i relize her friend is totally perfect for me but by the time i tell her she " likes me as a friend" AHHHHHH thats happend to me more than 3 times with women. So every day i wake up in the same depressing ruteen until i will die. The only reason why i dont put a bullet to my head is cause of hope, hopeing i will meet someone that is perfect for me ...but.. that will never happen cause im me. I life with out love is NOTHIN alright bye

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