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My Life Is A LIE!!!!

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Posted by Sad on September 23, 2001 at 14:03:09:

OK Lets see how to start...3 years ago I feel in love with a man who was all I had ever dreamnt about. He claimed to be ecsaping a bad realtionship. and I wanted to fix his little wounded heart, and make him mine. For a few months thing were great!!! Then the X came back around and my life went to hell. I ended up pregnant. He was so messed up by her, he tried suicide, drunken binges, drugs..the hole nine. All this was new for him, but she really pushed him over the edge. She told me he begged her to go away with him, she said no and this is the only reason we "tried" again. He came to me after a very bad night and we patched things up. We were doing very well, my pregnancy then became complicated....I was on bed rest and unable to work, this caused huge problems!!! I was home a lot and one day I checked his e mail, this girl was e mailing him saying she missed him and loved him, so I e mailed her back and asked her to F'en back off. I then became the bad guy. A few weeks later I thought things were back to normal, I gave birth, things were wonderful. Then 10 days after the birth of our son, he goes and see's her, she shows him my E mail and he comes home telling me that we are never going to work out, this "thing" we have is over. He moves out, comes by once in awhile to see his son, shortly there after, slowly moves back in. Now I have invested years with a man who "cares" about me, but can not be with me. He has never stuck up for me, lies to me, uses me for his play thing. He was busted by me telling his friends he'll have me around for ever cause no one wants a chic with kids. So in other words, he don'y want me, but no one else will either. I am not fat, all this stress made loss all my weight, I am a nervous mess, and heart broken...please if anyone can offer any advise...please please DO!!!!!

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