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Re: I'm cheating on my wife

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Posted by mary on October 29, 2001 at 20:59:50:

In Reply to: Re: I'm cheating on my wife posted by jen on October 21, 2001 at 20:15:35:

: yo..ok ..im a 17 year year old who just found out my dads been cheatin right....it sux ..i seriously feel like i wanna kill my dad and this bitch...he said the same about not feeling loved cuz my mom isnt affectionate ...but guess what ...sex is not love !!! and affection isnt always even luv ....and u probbaly have n idea what u r doing to your family ...if they ever find out they will b hurt more than u even know ...my mother almost had a stroke when she found out !!! u have t stop this right now ...either stop with the other woman or get a divirce ...honesty is needed in your circumstance ...see ..my parents are "trying" to work it out ...but i know my dads still cheatin ...now i just want him to leave!!! please dont put your daughter and wife through what ive been through !!!

: : Hello folks:

: : I'm 35 years old and feel trapped...my wife of 15 years is getting colder as the years wear on...We got married when she stopped taking the pill without me knowing and announced to me that she was pregnant...I'm a very proud man and could not have told her to suffer the consequences so I married her...I forced myself to fall in love with her..if any of you believe that...but I don't care whether you do or not...She does not like sex and she is not an affectionate or passionate woman...she is a sweet woman and I know she loves me..but that is not enough for me...I have but one life to live and I'm tired of being alone...my whole focus to this point in my life was to make sure my daughter (only child) was well balanced and happy...all of my love went to my daughter because most of my love was rejected by my wife. Everything I do, I do for my daughter...now for the part that upsets most of you.

: : I fell in love with one of my wife's best friend...She actually married one of my good friends 11 years ago, and then became good friends with my wife...I always found her attractive and intelligent. I admired the passion she showed to her man and the love she gives so generously to her young children...through our many discussions over the years...we discovered we are very much alike...She feels alone in her marriage, because her husband does not display any affection towards her as she so desires...We have gotten together a few times now and we just know we are right for each other...I have never loved a woman like her before and I believe she is deeply in love with me...we think about leaving our current marriages but of course we are afraid of the major repercussions of such an action...especially the impact on our children...we both love our spouses but we feel like we are dying inside and we are very alone...so in due time, I believe we will be part of the growing divorce statistic...are we evil?..I really think not! Am I a jerk! I don't think so! Am I a cheat...I guess I am...but what am I to do. Life is love and I need to be loved...what else can I do?

: :
: : George B.

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