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time for a new attitude

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Posted by zorak on January 10, 2002 at 12:54:05:

In Reply to: i hate my life!!! please respond 2 this message as soon as u see it... posted by Lorna on April 07, 2001 at 11:38:22:

Stop thinking like that, it's extreamly unproductive! I used to think like that and it got me nothing. take a good look and think hard about what's going on in this fucked up world. It'll prob make you feel worse to start with but you'll come to realise that you don't wanna kill yourself anymore.......you'll wanna kill everyother motherfucker that opposes you. Remember that depression is closley linked to anger........and anger is a gift!

Here's something to think about.........

Authoritarian oppression, family abuse, depression caused by conformity, and economic devastation will be neutralised by technological terorism in times of complete chaos. Control will never again be gained for toleration will become extinct. A husband will not think twice or regret his spent bullet. Hungry children will not spare the grocer. Remorse in all forms will be removed from human thoughts and actions. Freedom will only be available through revolution or death. This system of a down is unavoidable as life on this planet becomes unnecessary.

The hand has five fingers, capable and powerfull, with the ability to destroy as well create. We have the power to stop and reverse the tides of time by making our awareness of abuse known to the powers of industry and their uncouth political arms. Only by raising this awareness and promoting personal peace within todays self-defeatist society, can we allow the planet a chance to avoid self-destruction! Open your eyes, open your mouth, close your hand and make a fist.

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