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Posted by girlie on February 19, 2002 at 05:03:24:

I just picked my boyfriend (who was only kinda MY boyfriend before) from a 11/2 in prison, Of coarse I got all the jail mail lies over the time he was gone.But in the last few months the letters were much more personal and direct. He said many times how much he wanted to be together and how much he really wanted to put effort into a relationship with me. He has always told me he thinks I am too good for him and he also says I am smart , beutiful and really dosen't want to hurt or mess up my life... I do believe he has alot of feelings for me and he makes me happy, I've known him for more then 4 years and have seen him "run" from commitment, He says every woman he has ever loved has hurt him and I know there's some real issues with his childhood/ mother relationship. Well anyways after 4 days of him being home. With him saying he "lives" here (a first for him) he says he's going to work and will be back that night, it's been 4 dyas now, he won't even reurn my calls. I have spoken to family memebers and they sya that they have seen him , that he is really depresssed. But you would think after me being his real friend before , during and after he would at least have the respect to SAY SOMETHING!!! I even had the dissuction with him that if he changed his mind to please SAY SOMETHING to me. He's brother told me today that he said he just wasn't ready for a relationship. BUT WHY WON"T HE EVEN CALL ME AT ALL?????? I want to believe that he really thinks he will bring me down as I am almost finnished with college , and he has never beeen with sooomeone who has actually had a real future. I want to also believe and as I said do believe he cares a great deal about me... But how can he hear me beggging for him to just call and tell me what's up/ sometime cring and not do the right thing. Like I said we have been together on and off for four years , He has had another girlfriend , and was (basically ) faithful to her. Meaning we never did DO IT but came close. I just was wondering what some of you folks would say abbout it/

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