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What a story..

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Posted by Destiny on March 25, 2002 at 10:56:39:

I have been with this guy for over 12 years and thought I knew him pretty well. We lived in the Northern Va. area and recently moved to the South.
Since then my boy-friend has changed, and not for the good! Once a Rock & Roll listener has turned into a Country Banjo Joe listener. This isnt the problem.
The problem is that his attitude has changes towards me. He comes home with all these stories of his work buddies and the complaints that they have with their wives. Next thing I know my man sure has alot of complaints that sound very similair to the ones I heard him come home to me with about his friends.
Heres the twist to the story....I used to do the grocery shopping...I used to cook & clean the house...These are the things that I was used to doing. Now all that has changed....My boy-friend now has took upon hiself to work come with the grocerys before I even get the chance to go with him and he cleans house the and he wants to do the cooking. If I cook he seems to ask me questions like "did you put this in it" ..."Make sure you do it this way"....He come into the kitchen to make sure that I'am cooking the meal right. Never once has he ever done that before all this time. He always bragged to his friends about how much of a good cook I was. And I'am! He has been doing all of this for 3 weeks now on his own but turns right around and complains about him having to do it all. I told him well you refuse to let me do these things and you make sure I dont do them. Why not let me do what I've always done in the past. He makes no remarks. But he has been a great complainer here.
My question is very obvious here...What is going on here? And most of all why? Have I been living with a lie after all these years?

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