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Re: CaN SomeonE PleasE KiLL ME?

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Posted by George on April 01, 2002 at 11:35:21:

Hang in there young lady. I remember grade school and high school how girls were so mean to me. I was shy and didn't know how to act around girls. I thought, how cruel life is. I always wondered if there was more to life than what I was going through. I didn't believe I would amount to anything. Then I started to take control of my own life and my thoughts. You do know you are in control of your own thoughts and feelings, right?

Everyone chooses to be happy or sad, calm or angry, inspired or depressed. Anyway, I started collecting quotations and words of inspiration. In time I became much more confident and people commented how amazing it was that I always had a smile on my face. I'm 36 now and have gone through many ups and down, and each situation just adds to my life experience and makes me a stronger person. As for the girls! My friends and I keep talking about those girls who were so popular in high school, how "untouchable" they were. Today, many of those "popular" girls are separated because they married abusers and alcoholics. Some of those girls I met later on and discovered they had a crush on me while in high school and often the conversation goes like "why didn't you tell me you had a crush on me, I liked you too".

If you're looking for a lad to take good care of you, don't look at parties and stuff like that. They are usually the ones who don't know how to be themselves and resort to drugs and alcohol to be able to let loose a little. Those types end up being unable to handle stress in their daily lives.

Don't get caught up in the competitive nature of the teens years and high school. Just be yourself and have fun. Be nice to everyone you meet and you will be amazed how many youth are just looking to be accepted and acnowledged as a somebody.

Hope this helps....here's one of my favorite quotations I collected...maybe it can help you too!

: life is shit. dont get me wrong, it just is. okay, im the younger sister of a screw up. i am expected to be perfect. always needing to be the good one. well, i got a boyfriend. yea, he was totally oppisite of me but screw that, we liked eachother. he was my first kiss and he really meant a lot to me. but he was totally different from me. he was the mister skater cool guy and i was the grungy bitch wallflower. well, we had been going out for a month and things were just going downward. i told my friend that i wanted to break up wth him and she told him, so he made sure he was the first to dump me. so hen he is telling all his little gooney friends a lot of bullshit that is making me look really bad. and my mom is trying to get me to do all these extra ciricular things. no body really new i was plundging into depression when i was about 13 because well, i never told anyone. but i became a recluse and objectified everything. and now, im at the brim. i cant take all this bullshit that is dished out to me daily. i was thinking and i want to expeirence more in life, but i need to drift away. my friend is really into heroin and i can only talk to him about this stuff. he suggested heroin and i need peoples input. suicide or drugs? there is no other way.

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