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Re: This is way late for a respond, but........

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Posted by Erica on May 15, 2002 at 15:24:32:

In Reply to: This is way late for a respond, but........ posted by Fat Man on April 30, 2002 at 21:36:57:

Hey Girl! I know you wrote this over a year ago but I have recently gone through something like what you have.....if u can email me that would be great so I can hear what has happened to you since...I was so mad today I was typing I hate my life a million times in search. Then I saw your thing. I read your message and it sounded JUST like me....Im only 12 and u prolly dont want my advice but I juss wanna get the way I feel off my chest.....My b/f and I loved eacother very much...or so I thought...he promised he would never dump me no matter what....and out of nowhere the other day he dumped me....I asked him y and he said because we never talked.

However I knew that was not the reason because we always talked! We talked on the phone till my ear burned and we tried to talk at school...but we were in seperate classes so it was difficult. But we always talked on aol and the phone and we were very close. After he dumped me I cried for a long time.

Later I found out that one of his friends said they would give him 10 dollars if he dumped me and he did! That was the reason...After that he asked out my best friend right in front of me just like what happened to you! I was so mad but inside I knew I still loved him a lot but I was angry...VERY angry.

Today Ihe just told me that it was all a joke and there was no 10 dollars and he doesnt like my friend. He also said that he just broke up wit hmy to see what Id say and it accidentally got too far.He said he loved me and he asked me back out ande I said no. And if the guy you say you love ever tries to come back to you dont let it happen! Dont let him think hes better than you and can Leave you and take you as he pleases! Pretty much play hard to get until you find the man you love! <3<3<3<3<3 Oh yeah and there is no use killing yourself over him or school....yuor probably not doing so good in school right now because of this guy....its best to forget him even if u try hard and u cant! Just everytime he pops up in your mind think about how he hurt u..Killing yourself will never solve you problems because as they say you can go to hell! and ghosts are spirits with unfinished business...sop if u are unhappy when u kill yourself youll stay unhappy for all eternity! So just stay with us babe and find your true love and work HARD in school and youll have the life you have always dreamed of!

My name is Erica anyone that reads this please email me at dancer4eva78@aol.com


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