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Posted by Bloodspoor on May 17, 2002 at 15:29:20:

In Reply to: I HATE MY LIFE!!! posted by Who Kares(my parents dont) on April 17, 2002 at 19:33:34:

: Ok so heres my story.......i hate life u wanna no why cuz every thing juss got so FUCKED UP! this is how.....ok we moved lyke last year.....and i specificly told my stewpid ass parents that i was goin to the same school i went to last year.....and that we have to find a house that would let meh go to that school (shivela middle school....or else we weren't gonna move so we find this house and my parents liked it my brother liked it and i realy didn't give a crap cause if we moved into that house i would be able to go to shivela.....so yeah its the middle of spring break......our new house was being built and every thing was all good....i was goin into 7th grade and i had the mosted coolest friends that i've ever had in my hole entire life....i luved them and they loved meh, they new meh better then my parents did. so my mom went to go get mr report card from school.....and when she comes back she tells meh im not going to shivela and that i was going to THOMPSON MIDDLE SCHOOL!!!!!!!i couldn't believe it i was sooooo mad and so devistated (i kno this might not sound devistating but to meh it is) and its almost the end of the school year and i still always cry my self to sleep.....i dun no why.......i hate my life i hate my parents for doing this and i juss dun kare n e more cuz they dun kare n e more and every fuckin single time i think of them i always end up getting this bitchy aditude and go in my room and cry........the people that see meh (my family) dun no im this mad and this misrible on the inside.........i juss seem to hide it from them cuz they might not get it and they might not kare so i hide it i hide it real good( i think).

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