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I've attemped suicide... i lived, you shall too

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Posted by I_cry_at_night on June 13, 2002 at 14:29:41:

In Reply to: Re: i hate my life!!! please respond 2 this message as soon as u see it... posted by Robert R. Cobb on April 09, 2001 at 10:39:59:

I will let you know now i'm a teenager just as you seem to be and i have gone through some of the same things you have too.

I don't want sympathy, just for you to understand that your not the only one. At the age of two my own daddy tried to kill me. At 4-7 i was malested by my step father and at 6 i was raped my a friend of the family. At 10 i was held at gun-point i struggled and was shot in the arm twice. again i was molested by another boyfriend of my mom's frum 11-13 and i am still being abused at the age of 14. I've been abused phisically too i was beaten and hung upside down in my closet for days on end and i even died for 3 minutes at the age of 4 becase my parents never fed me and i was only 26 lbs. I cry every night asking why. I just don't get it and it's hard to think about it! I have tried to kill my self with a gun, jumping out of a 80 mph car on the freeway, a knife, and overdosing on medicine, and still i live. My life still is not good but i deal with it anyway. I can't prevent you from killing yourself but i had a best friend in 3rd grade who killed herself and she was so young 3 weeks ago my boyfriend age 14 killed himself and my moms best friend, my aunt, killed herslef a little over a year ago. Please don't do it! It's not a way out and it hurts you and the people around you tears are only so deep and life is just a light that you have to reach the top of and if it helps you i'll reach it with you. I'll be your friend if you wish.

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