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They dont now what they want

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Posted by TheSweetOne on June 25, 2002 at 15:40:52:

Ok, life sucks right now. There is this girl who I really care about. We started out as friends. I knew when we got in to what ever it is we have, that she had a BF. Well the more and more we started to hang out. I really started to like her. At first the whole BF thing didnt bother me. Then I realized how much I cared about her. And, that her BF is a real asshole to her. He treats her like crap. He has something really special, and he doesnt realize it. She is always telling me how no one treats her like I do. And how she wants to be with me and how much she likes me. I know and she knows I'm better for her then her BF. But.....she says I like you so much and wantg to be with you but I love my BF. This guy was her first real love. And I think that is why she has such a hard time walking away from it. Even though she knows I would be better for her. Now, I'm constanly getting mixed signals from her. SHe dosnt really know whats she wants. A lot of people are telling me just to walk away. But, I fell that she is worth it. I guess I have this idea that some how it all will work out. And I hope it does. So what do you all think ?

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