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Posted by THE BIG DOG on August 06, 2002 at 20:22:57:

In Reply to: i hate my life!!! please respond 2 this message as soon as u see it... posted by Lorna on April 07, 2001 at 11:38:22:

hahahhahah i really thought i had problems now i feel better seeing everyone else is stupider then me and still whining about it geez well i hope everyone can find there way and no killing yourself wont work,and not running away either
you need to face your problems and get on with life.DO what i do and just get really pissed off at your self and motivate yours into getting over it.Trust me if you think that someone loved you and they are treating you like shit then they dont love you so get over it theres allways someone better out there and they will love you for who you are not some other shit were they want to change you or make you feel like nothing.
men and women do this to each other for lack of understanding.remember ladys us men are not that smart but we have are good points and you ladys dont understand us men as you think you do you assume to much and thats what gets you into trouble.anyone heard this saying"god why did you make women so beautiful?" and god says "so you
can love her"then man says"but god why did you make them so stupid?" god says "so they can love you" well good luck everyone have some balls
and guts for you ladys and get on with it life is to short to worry over bullshit.unless your one of those people who step in dog shit and sit there for an hour looking at it. Peace

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