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I am a mother fucker flemish liar

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Posted by fucking flemish on September 03, 2002 at 04:40:50:

Hi fucking flemish, don't you feel sorry for what your lies and manipulations have done to others, to the normal people and workers, do you? can I ask you something, what have you achieved?
we all have had troubles because of your stubbornness and lies to achive your personal satisfaction, you made a mistake, you do not want to admit that I am good and you were jealous, particularly because you are a low level person and a fucking flemish, a simple fucking consultant.
You lied, you have lied all the time, you lied to everybody. You were fully aware of everything when the problems were starting, why you did not do anything to stop the problems (as a normal managing director should do), why you did not fire me or talk to me to stop these problems. You enjoyed seeing that situation evolving to the worse. This is why you are a mother-fucker, a liar and a manipulator. You did all this against an innocent, young and defenceless person in a foreign country.

You are so mother fucker that you do not even see what you have created to your own people and government. you are the problem, you are not the solution, you represent the problem for everybody. your manipulation of people and the lies said around have created so many problem around. people like you have always finished with a said fate, that's what you deserve, a said fate.

You do not know how to handle these situations and are so low in your level, you are the only person who was such a monster to architet this revengeance. Before you I could not possibly believe that someone can be so evil to permit the things that you have done. The world is really unfair, and people like you represent the source of these problems.

People like you are those that create incentives for corruption, for mafia, for smuggling and for international political crisis. You belong to those people that support and nurture these things by making and adopting the kind of decisions I have seen.

You are someone without responsibility for what happened. I have paid and am paying for what you have done, for your lies and manipulations, do you understand that all this is your fault. You have manipulated everybody and made them believe that it was my fault. You are mad and a fucking flemish.

You are the kind of persons that do not avoid the problems, particularly at these levels, and instead make the best to create them.

Fucking flemish you are the problem, you are not the solution, you are the one who created all these problems, and still you are there to create more and more. What are we all getting in supporting you, nothing, because you have nothing to give, only problems and problems. Mafia, corruptions, low level work and critics, manipulations and lies.

Did you fuck yesterday with your fucking bitch of your mother.

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