Lies People Tell
is delighted to have the illustrations of talented artist
Sean Simmans
on our pages.

And you will be just as delighted to have his incredible artwork on the walls of your home or office.



Sean Simmans is becoming increasingly well known throughout the world
for his intense, bizarre and often whimsical illustrations about life, love and desperation.

Sean Simmans' illustrations can be purchased for thousands of dollars through unprincipled
art agents and dealers. But, for a limited time, you can purchase his illustrations
directly from the artist by e-mailing Most of the pieces you will see by clicking
the above images may be purchased for $150 USD to $500 USD. Your original
Sean Simmans' watercolor will not have the text on it. Most of the text
has been added just for the image's use on the website and does not appear
on the original work.

Please e-mail Sean, describing the drawing that you would like to purchase. He will reply to you with the
details about the availability, size, and the price that he has in mind for the watercolor.