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Lies We Tell Our Parents

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Liars rely on Liars!
from: Anonymous

Trust me.

When I was 16, my friend stayed the night and we sneaked out of the house and went to hang with some cute guys up the street. My step sister had also snuck out with us.   She left through the garage and accidentally let our guard dog out. Well, upon our return, my step sister was going to crawl in the window of my bedroom and come let us in through the front door. But as we were waiting at the front door, the dog heard her and started barking.  So my dad knowing he had put the dog in the garage, got up to check it out. When the door opened we expected to see my sister- but it was my dad! He was mad! We quickly made up a lie that my friend was on birth-control pills and she had left them at home and we had gone to get them. We didn't get in trouble, but had to go straight to bed. Then, the next morning, my dad announced that he was going to verify the story with her parents and we told him that they did not know she was on birth control, and begged him not to ask-- he did anyway!

Luckily my friend knew her dad was having an affair at work and used it against him so we never got in trouble for sneaking out that nite!

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