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She Wrote It As A Joke
And Her Cat Began To Play

Makenzie L.

I wrote a very very erotic letter to my now ex boyfriend. I rewrote it and crumpled the old copy up and threw it under my bed.   My room was really messy so I didnt think anything of it.

Well my stupid cat found it and started batting it around the house. Then my mother found it!  When I got home from school she almost cried and began yelling at me and accused me of having sex.

I am a 13 year old virgin.

I told her that my friend wrote it to make fun of me because the boy it was to was a very good friend of mine. Then I said that I was going to wait to have sex untill I was married. She didn't believe me, so I called my friend and proceded to bitch at her for writing that horrible note.

My friend just sat there confused. I know my mom doesn't beleive me but I pray she forgot about it.

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