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Lies We Tell Our Parents

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pocket loon.jpg (22320 bytes)He Blamed Me For The Crap In His Pants

from: Becky

My brother constantly lied to my parents about me when I was a kid. One time, when he was about three years old he crapped his pants. Well, my mom smelled it and pulled his pants down and then asked what he had done (like she never knew). My brother immediately looked her in the eye and blamed it on me. I still use this story to get out of stuff that my brother blames on me claiming that if he believed that he could get away with blaming me for that, he must blame me for everything. Now that we are older (he's 20 and I'm 19), he doesn't blame me for things very often, but just a couple of years ago he came up with a lie. We were both at home alone and the phone rang. I answered it and it was for him. I handed the phone to him and I thought he had it so I let go, but he never and the phone dropped and something broke. The phone was wrecked and when my parents came home, my brother claimed that I had gotten really mad at him and picked up the phone and whipped it at him. Of course I denied it and my parents never knew who to believe.

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