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Who is lying to whom?

from: Michelle



I was seeing this guy, Brandon, who was 19 and he thought I was 15.  One night I called him at the number he gave me and a lady answeared.  She gave me this other number, saying he was at his dad's house. I called there and his sister answered she asked who I was.  Stupidly, I answeared, saying that I was his girlfriend. 

All of a sudden she starts screaming at me that he had a pregnaunt fiance sleeping upstairs. 

I felt terrible.  I apologized to his sister for about two hours.  I hadn't known anything about his other partner.

I called Brandon's best friend and asked him why he had never told me that Brandon had a pregnant fiance.  But he told me he knew nothing about brandon having a fience!

Brandon had lied about the whole thing just to get rid of me.

I called back to Brandon's place.  Him and his sister answered the phone at the same time.  All I said was, "Sorry, Brandon, I
lied to you to, too.  I'm only 12."

That's the TRUTH.

I hung up.




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