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Please do not use my name!  Submitted by anonymous:

whowouldbelieve.jpg (49457 bytes)I got to work yesterday and received a very strange e-mail.   An anonymous tipster informed me that my husband was a cheater and was about to be the father of her baby and I must be one STUPID woman not to know that he cheats on me on a regular basis.

I forwarded the e-mail to my husband to ask him what it was about.  He called me and told me, "I'm not going to lie to you, I did it.  It was just once, I was drunk and mad at you".

That night after he got home from work and went to show off his new car, which we had just bought the day before (conveniently), he gets drunk, comes home and decides to tell me about the "whole night."

He said he met the girl on the internet, they met in a hotel and did it seven times until she had a diabetic
attack.  Too bad for him or they would have done it more.  They had this night planned for months.  He even said he had to drink a case of beer to get up for her because she was so ugly.

Seven times, ugly, exchanged pictures on the internet? I don't think so...  Oh yeah, and those "bumps" on his
privates that started mysteriously appearing right after this allegedly happened are just ingrown hairs...



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