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Lies We Tell Ourselves

I Know I'm Lying Lie
From: Mike Baker

It's hard to say what lies I've told myself.  Usually when I lie to myself I know I'm lying. Like "I'll do it tomorrow."  I know I won't.  I'll either procrastinate some more or I'll just plain forget.  But there is a lie that I sometimes believe...

"I have friends."

The truth is that we are all all-alone.  We have our heads, our secret heads, that no one can ever, will ever know.  Loyalty may be considered a virtue but even the most loyal friend is still serving his/her own ego.  It is the ego that separates us.  The Buddha sought escape from the ego.  He knew that the ego was an illusion that bound us to our mortal coil.  To escape the ego is to rejoin what we are already a part of.  God.  He/She/It is everywhere, everything and every time.  I've more to say about that but I'm getting off track and, well, I could be wrong (although I don't think I am).

What I do know is this:  Friendship, family, community, etc. are all illusion.  They are a product of ego and familiarity.  They become comfortable and we don't want to let go of them.  We work to keep it and if we leave it we get nostalgic for it.  But if you take it all away, all the lies, the illusions, you do find what really matters.  It's precious and little understood but it is the foundation of all that makes what we value.  It's kindness.  That's all.  That's the truth.   Kindness is the glue that holds together the universe.  Kindness has no destruction.  It is all.  Think about it.





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