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I thought that I better add this lie to your site as quickly as possible. It's still fresh in my mind, happening only a few months ago.

I started seeing this girl, and we seemed to click, we continued getting closer throughout the course of about three months.

She often told me that she loved me (lie #1) and that she wanted to move in together in the summer when she graduates. I was happy about this. But then, one day, she tells me that she is going to hang out with this guy she knows. I asked her about this, you know, wanting to find out, if he was more than a friend. She insisted that he was just a friend (lie #2).  I backed off.  Took her word for it, I didn't want her to think that she couldn't have friends, space, or that I couldn't trust her.

He turns up later in the story.

She works in a store that I frequent regularly. I decide to go through her check-out line, and say hi. She tells me that this dude that also works there is harrassing her, and touching her, and that she doesn't like it (lie #3).

I casually take a leisurely stroll over to him to ask him what the f***'s up, and offer to take him out to the parking lot to beat his ass.  He declines, so I ask him why the hell he doesn't stop when she tells him to back off.

SHE NEVER TOLD HIM TO STOP. And furthermore, he tells me that he wasn't the only one with their hand all over her. Naturally, I felt like a fool for defending that little harlot. I ask her if what he said was true, and of course she said no. (lie #4). 

On my way out of the store, I happen to see the guy that was just a "friend" standing by her car waiting for her to get off work.  I was tempted to go fight him, too, out of sheer frustration.  Maybe I could hurt her
too, by hurting him. But, I was just too sick with what she had done to me. I just went home.

A few lessons that i have learned about (some) women:

I love you (when I'm with you. When I'm not, I love your best friend.)

He's just a friend (I'm cheating on you!)

He's hitting on me, and won't stop (heeheehee, oh stop it, heeheehee, stop it you big sexy guy, heeheehee).

The Truth (truth...uh...umm...ah...)!






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