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Re: Day Five -- cravings -- 10:40 am

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Posted by Dr. Hellmans on August 07, 2001 at 16:12:04:

In Reply to: Day Five -- cravings -- 10:40 am posted by Rocky Jones on June 22, 2001 at 10:45:52:

: Uh oh -- day five and experiencing enormouse cravings for fattening food as if my body is resisting all these emotions and introspections that seem to be appearing as I clean up my diet! So, yeah, how to deal with these cravings. Well, remember the P.I.G.s I told you about -- the people in groups... I do not go to those groups but I did go a couple times and I remember them talking about this thing... I remember a good deal of it... they talked about this thing as an illness so, the first notion in dealing with the cravings is that I need to remember that these cravings are secondary to having this eating illness or over eating illness or whatever it is. You see
: -- oh shit, someone just came and distracted me and now I have no idea what I was talking about -- o, here it is, yes, the illness... they say, is not just physical. that's it. The cause for all this fat around my belly is physical, mental and spiritual. I know that sounds crazy but at some point I have to believe there is a way out of this fat that isn't going to kill me and I'm ready to believe anything at this point -- as long as I don't have to talk to the pigs too much -- anyway, so what I'm supposed to do with these cravings is acknowledge that they are sympotmatic of the physical and mental illness and open myself up to the fact that the solution is spiritual and that all I have to do is ask for the spiritual healing to take place. Something as simple as, Please help me... well, please help me. it is day five and I feel much better but these cravings are tough... it's 10:30 am -- we'll see how it goes.

Rocky, what's the matter with you my friend? I have the ultimate diet plan for people who are moderately to excessively obese. No, it's not a vegetarian diet, nor is it an all-protein diet like that recommended by Dr. Atkins, the world-famous cardiologist. Over the past four years, I have treated hundreds of my patients with obesity problems by placing them on this diet. True, most of them have died, but all diet plans are not 100% effective. I sugest that you try my diet plan for 6 weeks to see how you like it. I guarantee you that you will lose 2/3 of your current body weight over that time. The diet plan consists of the following: Breakfast: rancid mayonaise and a glass of water; Lunch: rancid mayonaise and a glass of water; dinner: rancid mayonaise and a glass of water. (Note: the rancid mayonaise consumed should be at least 6 months past the expiration date.) I guarantee my results ... you have my word on it!

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