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Re: Crisis of Faith

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Posted by Aslan on April 15, 2001 at 04:49:54:

In Reply to: Crisis of Faith posted by Ezekiel 25:17 on April 14, 2001 at 10:53:54:

:I was playing pool this evening with a few friends.
During a particular difficult shot, an atheist friend of mine remarked sarcastically to a Christian, "If you can get this shot in, there must be a God." Suffice to say the shot went in, and there was much shouting and amusement amongst the Christians. :)

Ha Ha, I'm glad he got the shot. That lightening bolt would've been quite a punishment for poor pool playing:)

This is an example of the depths Christianity has sunk to. Some of you may consider this inspirational :)
Well, I can't play pool worth a darn, so I consider it luck.

:However, this example just proves the desperation of Christians nowadays in attempting to grasp any coincidence which occurs and attempting to label it a miracle. This constant need for something tangible to cling to, is an insult to faith itself
Good Lord Ezek. That's not true. You're stereotyping here, and that isn't fair.
I'm a Christian, and the last time I labeled something a miracle was over ten years ago.
Although I'm happy to see you defend the notion of faith:)
:A true believer in God, doesn't require a miracle to enhance their belief.
I agree. But for someone who refuses to believe in God, well, a miracle doesn't matter, does it? It can always be explained away, as it cannot be proved.
:A true believer in God, finds God in their own hearts and minds. There is no need to look to a book for inspiration, no need to ask a priest, and no need to look constantly for a sign or for something to cling to.
You are correct in that God isn't a 'Where's Waldo' cartoon. However, as far as a book, I see it more as a tool than a debunker. Cliff notes for christians, if you will. :)
As far as asking others to resolve your sins, I defer to when the curtain split in half right after Jesus' death, allowing all (not just priests) access to God.

:Asking God for a miracle, is tantamount to asking God for favouritism.
No Ezek, I believe it's asking him to respond to your prayers. He hasn't responded to plenty of mine the way I wanted, yet I still pray.
:If you can't believe in God without asking him to favour you somewhat, then your belief is shallow indeed. A true believer should only ask that God helps others and have faith in the world and the system no matter what happens.
I want to know that He is concerned with everything I do.
I also realize I have to share Him with the rest of the world, in the same capacity. Including you Ezek:)

I sincerly hope that this post quotes Ezeks comments and mine.


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