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Crisis of Faith

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Posted by Ezekiel 25:17 on April 14, 2001 at 10:53:54:

I was playing pool this evening with a few friends.
During a particular difficult shot, an atheist friend of mine remarked sarcastically to a Christian, "If you can get this shot in, there must be a God." Suffice to say the shot went in, and there was much shouting and amusement amongst the Christians. :)

This is an example of the depths Christianity has sunk to. Some of you may consider this inspirational :) However, this example just proves the desperation of Christians nowadays in attempting to grasp any coincidence which occurs and attempting to label it a miracle. This constant need for something tangible to cling to, is an insult to faith itself.

A true believer in God, doesn't require a miracle to enhance their belief. A true believer in God, finds God in their own hearts and minds. There is no need to look to a book for inspiration, no need to ask a priest, and no need to look constantly for a sign or for something to cling to.

Asking God for a miracle, is tantamount to asking God for favouritism. If you can't believe in God without asking him to favour you somewhat, then your belief is shallow indeed. A true believer should only ask that God helps others and have faith in the world and the system no matter what happens.

What kind of believer are you?

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