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Re: Sure there is, I guess..

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Posted by Sir Hoagy on February 25, 2001 at 22:46:55:

In Reply to: Sure there is, I guess.. posted by Susan Woehrle on February 24, 2001 at 22:10:29:

Examination of the universe and the problems created when
supernatural entities are considered as possibilities
yields the answer god(s), as we have attempted to define them,
simply would not fit within the model. "God," to use
the generic reference to the traditional Christian model,
would have some serious problems working with doctrines of
omnipotence/omniscience along with constraints on
superstring theory, T-time variances, infinities, and
of course, the first supercondensed particle. Therefore,
a god could not exist in this model of the universe.

If you examine two universes - one with god and one without,
you would have to answer the question: what would a universe
without god be like? Presume this universe doesn't have a god
in it: what would the universe *with* god be like? This
two universe model demonstrates the sufficient evidence
supporting the fact that the beauty we find in nature
is not a result of a "guiding intelligence"; rather,
the beauty we have in nature (and people are part of that nature)
results not because "god" wanted it that way, but
because it *could*.

The universe exists in a condition that allows life
to exist, life like you and I, for example. If we could not
exist, we would not exist. The conditions were sufficient
to allow for life - people, plants, trees, flowers, cows,
fishies, those damned geese flying overhead and smashing
into airplanes, and so on. Necessary conditions would need
be established if we were to introduce "god" into the picture,
but I haven't space for that here.

"Intelligent design" opens up too many cans of worms.
Surely, the "intelligent designer" could have done
better when designing the human eye (ever notice that
BIG BLIND SPOT you have?) or the male bladder
and reproductive organs. This is not the work of a perfect
or superior intelligence; this is the work of sufficient
conditions allowing for such to evolve.

In short, nope, ain't no gods, ain't no supernatural
boogeymen doing anything here. Opinions vary, but
opinions stimulate and promote thought.

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