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Posted by OLD SCHOOL on June 08, 2001 at 08:56:10:

Dear God discussion Participants,

Have you all lost your minds?? I don't get back to this board as often as I should but this is one of the far reaching eddies of the internet that I always return to, just to see how things are going.

I return this time and I am appalled!! I must bring down the Wrath Of Old School!! Have you all forgotten where this conversation started in the two collumns before the shift? There was no discussion of the darn Bible! Who gives two poopies about the Bible? This discussion is about the miracles that God (or whatever you want to call him her or it) brings into your lives. Ezeky??? Why do you keep asking this question about the African that no missionary ever reaches? The sparks of God are everywhere! What makes you think there wouldn't be some in Africa. I tire of taking potshots at the Christians. You know what, Jesus may have been the masiah -- but so many a-holes have used him as a con device that spending too much time arguing it is just a waste. If you feel Jesus in your heart, GREAT! But why argue over the details.

Ezek, you always go for the heady arguments. What do you feel when you look into the eyes of a little child? What do you feel as you are graced with a blissful sunset? HAve you ever felt an inexplicable lightness? Has your ass ever been lifted from the fire?

-- Chris

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