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Re: Who really cares

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Posted by Ezekiel 25:17 on July 22, 2001 at 08:07:16:

In Reply to: Who really cares posted by Doughboy on July 10, 2001 at 05:45:31:

Hey there Doughboy :)

Welcome to this discussion, any enlightened intelligent observations are always handy.

I'm your resident cynic, skeptic, atheist, agnostic, or however you'd like to label me :)
Let me provide my point of view for some of your questions.

1. Why is this important anyways? Who believes in God or not? When a man or woman lives their life, why is God important?

Religion, like politics is a powerful force prevalent in society. It controls the thoughts and actions of a wide majority within society and has caused more conflict than virtually any other topic. Discovery of the truth therefore is vital towards the long-term goal of human harmony and co-existence.

As humans, no matter whether christian, buddhist, atheist or agnostic, the overriding characteristics and motivations are basically the same. Survival, fear, conformity and upbringing play a large role in our belief system.

Comparatively speaking, just like any sport, a child brought up supporting one team by their parents, going to games week after week, will be more likely to support that team as an adult. Very few people are able to gain the objectivity and perspective to consider other viewpoints due to the inherent beliefs of childhood. Likewise, consider how patriotism often blinds the individual.

The need for acceptance, and conformity in society, and the fear of rejection are other factors which come into play when deciding the core values of one's belief. Fear of death, and the search for justice and reason in an unjust world are other common factors.

Bearing all this in mind, I'll try not to generalise, when I overlook those who have achieved true religious epiphany with their deity in some form. This again impacts on destiny and free-will which is another issue entirely.

Overall, religion plays a significant role in society, the choice of whether you remain happy in your safe cocoon or whether you venture out into the untamed hinterlands of debate is the choice we all must make.

: As a christian, there are several reasons why I believe there is a God. Intellectually, I have no choice to believe in God. From his name being written all over creation, to the bible’s historical reliability and validity, to the Bible’s power of prophecy, I can’t help but to shake my head in awe.

How is God's name written all over creation, could you be more specific?
The bible's historical value is a large topic and I won't enter into detailed discussion.
1. Bear in mind, this was all written by mere mortals centuries ago, and like other mere mortals, they too were imperfect.
2. Numerous events described in the Bible are beyond belief in any form and impossible to verify.
3. Even if places and persons and events described in the Bible are true in one location, does not automatically render the entire Bible, historically accurate and true.

In regards to prophecy, have you ever read Nostradamus? Whilst some events predicted may be breathtaking in accuracy, more prophecies are veiled in so many allegories and without any timeframe that they are worthless in any sense.

If I made a prediction that we'd be using hovercrafts and solar energy in the future, I could possibly be correct or not. I then make a prediction that the sea will turn yellow. Just because we may use solar energy in the future and fulfil my prophecy does not mean the sea will also turn yellow. Furthermore, if you argue the fact in the future that the sea is not yellow, the retort is that the time has not yet come into fruition.

Currently, in the US there is a billionaire offering $1 million for anybody who can perform any events which can be considered supernatural. So far, no-one has come forward and I doubt anyone ever will.

: Those who come down hard on Christians, relax… No one can be perfect. Look at your life, explore it, and search, examining yourself and life without defensiveness or stubbernness. I am willing to respectfully dialogue about this with serious minded intellectuals who have an open heart.

These statements can easily work both ways :)
All I ask is that you consider alternate viewpoints, and try to logically justify your arguments. I don't ask for any empirical proof or exclamation marks :)

Everybody in life, no matter what faith they believe in, should be introspective, and consider the progression of events so far, and their plans into the future. Whilst there are no simple answers, the least any of us can do is to question, and someday perhaps provide a guide to future generations they can proudly follow.

Ezekiel 25:17

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