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Posted by Doughboy on July 10, 2001 at 05:45:31:

Hi all! This is my first time to this site, and I figured I'd add my 2 cents. Why is this important anyways? Who believes in God or not? When a man or woman lives their life, why is God important? Some say that he is some supreme being with a heavy hand, ruling with an iron fist. Others say that he/she/it is everything and in everything. Others of us create our own picture of God to satisfy our own desires and needs. It seems that this topic of God is so important and always has been. Men have searched for God and still are. Even the athiest concerns himself with the topic, by searching and saying that he/she has not found anything. The agnostic, too scared to be either an atheist or believer in God, is torn between the two.
As a christian, there are several reasons why I believe there is a God. I don’t try to explain it all now, but give 2 main reasons. The first is an intellectual one. The second is an intuiative or emotional one. Intellectually, I have no choice to believe in God. From his name being written all over creation, to the bible’s historical reliability and validity, to the Bible’s power of prophecy, I can’t help but to shake my head in awe. Emotionally, God is made real by life’s experiences. Sometimes I think when we look too much at the “big picture,” or too much at small details, we often miss the surprise of God. Hey, if you believe, keep on believing. If you don’t, keep on searching. I’ve realized that patience is the key. Those who blast others for not believing should really sit down and take a long look at who God is. Jesus touched people with compassion, love, and caring. Those who were blasted were the religious zelets who professed to be “all that.”
Those who come down hard on Christians, relax… No one can be perfect. Look at your life, explore it, and search, examining yourself and life without defensiveness or stubbernness. I am willing to respectfully dialogue about this with serious minded intellectuals who have an open heart.
Take care


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