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I do and I don't

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Posted by jj on August 04, 2001 at 18:13:59:

I do not believe in Pat Robertson's God. It is no coincidence that his God believes, understands, forgives and loves no better than he does.

I DO believe in a single source of all things. The source of the source of the source. And I think things have progressed naturally from the direction of that source. In other words, I think things are exactly as they should be. The only way they can be.

Some think this is fatalism and ask "If that's so, why do ANYthing?!?!". But I don't think they've thought that through. I'd like to see them try to NOT "do anything". Even for 2 minutes.

It's been my experience that the less I fight the way things are, the more awesome experiences I have. You can't fight reality. All the "bad" things in life are simply a conflict between something someone believes, and reality.

And I'm not talking about apathy. Apathy is a complete rejection of reality. And I'm talking about a complete ACCEPTANCE of reality. And there's a world of difference.

The truth is that I'm just a particle of the ultimate source. Who am I to say things "should" be this way or things "should" be that way? Whatever I don't like about the way things are, it is really reality that I don't like. Otherwise, what am I not liking? If it isn't real, what's not to like?

And since I believe these things, I must also believe that bad things CAN'T happen. And if bad things can't happen, then whatever I call "bad", must be something else.

Since "bad" things have stopped happening to me, I think that "bad" things happen to the extent of a person's dislike for reality. Therefore, "bad" things that happen to small children can only be explained with reincarnation.

That is what I believe.

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