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Re: I do and I don't

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Posted by Ezekiel 25:17 on August 13, 2001 at 07:02:47:

In Reply to: I do and I don't posted by jj on August 04, 2001 at 18:13:59:

: I do not believe in Pat Robertson's God. It is no coincidence that his God believes, understands, forgives and loves no better than he does.

Who is Pat Robertson?

: I DO believe in a single source of all things. The source of the source of the source. And I think things have progressed naturally from the direction of that source. In other words, I think things are exactly as they should be. The only way they can be.

Does this mean you believe in fate and destiny? What makes you think there needs to be a single source in a universe so vast and infinite?

: Some think this is fatalism and ask "If that's so, why do ANYthing?!?!". But I don't think they've thought that through. I'd like to see them try to NOT "do anything". Even for 2 minutes.

I think you're touching into the positivist field here in your belief that our actions are ordained by a higher power. Many things that we do whilst not consciously aware or by instinct can also be explained by biology and upbringing. I believe that this limits the actions we are likely to do, yet it doesn't entirely eliminate free-will, as we can still choose to do anything. That anything usually being anything we require to survive first, and then what brings us the greatest joy second.

: It's been my experience that the less I fight the way things are, the more awesome experiences I have. You can't fight reality. All the "bad" things in life are simply a conflict between something someone believes, and reality.

Is this a take on morality and the fact that many boundaries are socially defined? Or do you mean something entirely different?

: And I'm not talking about apathy. Apathy is a complete rejection of reality. And I'm talking about a complete ACCEPTANCE of reality. And there's a world of difference.

Many people talk about accepting reality, but I doubt any can understand the full scope at any stage in their existence. What is reality and how it is defined is a subject for debate that will never be resolved. If you can clarify reality for us, please do so :)

: The truth is that I'm just a particle of the ultimate source. Who am I to say things "should" be this way or things "should" be that way? Whatever I don't like about the way things are, it is really reality that I don't like. Otherwise, what am I not liking? If it isn't real, what's not to like?

It is in humanity to have the traits of questioning, judging and ultimately believing. If nothing else, our opinion doesn't matter, but it does define our perspective. From what you say, I still have no idea of your perspective :)

: And since I believe these things, I must also believe that bad things CAN'T happen. And if bad things can't happen, then whatever I call "bad", must be something else.

You sound a lot like a book I read dealing with coincidences. That stated that everything happens for a reason, and you should embrace coincidences as events that are pre-ordained to happen to you. Once you accept these coincidences and events no matter how bizarre into your life, you gain new perspective.

However, you are just as vague and unsatisfactory in explaining your point of view as this book was :) What are "bad things" and why can't they happen? To you? To us?
Please clarify.

: Since "bad" things have stopped happening to me, I think that "bad" things happen to the extent of a person's dislike for reality. Therefore, "bad" things that happen to small children can only be explained with reincarnation.

That's totally non-sensical. Its like leaping from fire to microwave ovens. Suddenly, reincarnation appears to explain 'bad events' that happen to small children. Whilst 'bad events' that happen to normal everyday humans are really that person's own fault. What logical step do you take there?

: That is what I believe.
I believe you need to clarify your beliefs further and I believe I am confused.

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