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Re: false hope

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Posted by KaLa on September 12, 2001 at 15:05:51:

In Reply to: false hope posted by Michelle on March 31, 2001 at 22:38:46:

heyy my names kala and im 15 years old ( im a mormon who was baptised at age 12, my mom was a convert when i was 9, and then i made the choice to baptised at age 12).....i was just askin did your parents ever ask you if you wanted to be baptised?!!? i think if they didnt ask you and just forced you that was wrong but i think that the kid should be able to make its own choices, and i hardly know any kids that were baptised by force!! anyway why im writing this email is to tell you that the "iron rod" is showing symbolism its just like the straight and narrow path i mean its saying that one was is easier than the other and staying on the right track will benefot you later in life!! oooo and personally im glad i am mormon, its given me strenth to say no in difficult situations and the church has always had my back not one time have i had anyone turn their back on me!! i think that their are some mormons who just leik totally are way to in to it!! i mean like dont let their 17 year old kids to watch pg-13 movies.....i think those people need to relax!! we are here on earth to make mistakes, learn from our lessons!!! i mean comming to earth is /was a test to see how strong we are!!! i know people think that mormons are like always in the corner at dances or always in a hurry or nervos but thats like the total opposite of every mormon i have ever met!! i mean i was voted ms. popular at school!! i have a's in all my classes!! i mean thats a normal life!! i go to church, i hang out w/ friends, i do homework!! just like every other american kid!! well i gotta go, thanks for readin this!!! email me back if you ever get the chance! - kala :)

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