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false hope

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Posted by Michelle on March 31, 2001 at 22:38:46:

I've had a lot of time on my hands to thing about what christianity
means (I live in rural ne. and my sundays are free.) It is my opinion
that the Bible was just some great sci-fi book from way back when.
If you really read it and analize it, it is halfway interesting, but
far from realistic. I would like to take a vote on how many people
actually think that at the end of the world a devil's going to come and spout
fire and only those who believe will be saved. It sounds so lame.
I think some (mainlly weak) people need something to believe in,
to give them hope that if they follow "the iron rod" as some mormans
call it, they will be saved. These people need to know that if they
do something that is wrong they can pray and ask forgiveness and everythings
fine. Well GROW UP PEOPLE!!!!!! If you really think about it, how lame
does it sound to sit and pray. What good is it doing to talk to yourself?
Which brings me to Touched by an Angel. It is completelly giving (once again weak)
people the thought that an angel is going to come down and make your life better.
I think if people should spend more time looking at themselves and trying fix their
lives. Instead of wasting a day in church or waiting for a miracle. If your
life sucks get up and do something about it. I think everybody should figure out
who they are and who they want to be before comitting to anything permanant. And
religion is permanant. I think if christians were really "god-like" they should stop
baptising young children who are not even old enough to decide what cloths to wear
to school. I was baptised at six (Baptist) and then again at eleven (morman) and
I fell like my parents just totally screwed up by doing that. I should have been
able to make that choice myself. Although this is a little off the subject I do
think that the morman religion should be looking into by the police or someone.
When you get babtised in the morman church you have to pass an "interview" where
your asked various questions about having sex, sexual preferance, drugs, drinking,
masterbation, etc.... I was only eleven years old and I was asked wether or not
I had done any "lesbian activities" But just some things to think about. Thanks for

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