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Posted by Ezekiel 25:17 on October 10, 2001 at 03:43:59:

I'm currently on sojourn at present and as such haven't really had the opportunity to reply to many of these posts. In particular, James 5:16 has been making some very good points and some questionable ones which I'll have to address at some stage :)

I'll spare 5 minutes now and try to answer a few posts and it'll be a few more weeks until God willing I have time to post some more :)

Until that time, I leave you with this post from another forum, by an author I don't know, which I found interesting.

"And what, exactly, constitutes a "true" Christian?

Your own personal opinion that you are right?

Or does your *particular* preacher spout the same limited bullshit rhetoric that I have heard in every church--that they are correct and everyone else is wrong?

Zoroastrianism became Judaism, Judaism became Christianity and Islam. The final two became splintered into a conglomeration of sects, and became the impetus for the perversion of responsibility and free will.

All holy books dealing with "Yaweh" and "Yeshua" (God and Jesus) have a very explicit philosophy in regards to tolerance and violence: kill those who defy "our" law.

In Genesis, we are given the Commandments--the first of which is "Thou shalt not kill." Later on, in the same book, God tells the Israelites to "go into Canaan and KILL everyone there."

Justify your beliefs all you want--they are full of holes and inconsistency. Religion is not about a relationship with the divine--it is about the politics and flawed rhetoric of man."

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