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Re: symbolism, open heart, free will.

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Posted by Believer too on April 04, 2001 at 12:02:08:

In Reply to: symbolism, open heart, free will. posted by Mike on April 03, 2001 at 17:33:35:

These are some very tolerant notions but I think it is important to remind people that they do not have to believe in any one religion to believe in God and love God and trust God. That's a starting place. It's very easy for people to point there fingers at almost ANY religion and find things that they don't like about it. Most people, even Ezek, seem to believe that they must follow some religion to have some faith in God and that just isn't true

: I feel the biggest problem w/ religion is the lack of a proper understanding. Religion is like anything else in life, you're probobly not going to get it right the first time but keep trying ( there's forgiveness). If your heart is open and willing you will succeed( hence; seek and you will find). Everyone here, whether beliver or not,is trying to understand and I feel thats very good.

: Symbolism: The bible is very, very symbolic.
: (there is a point......At a young age i loved christmas and easter. The thought of some jolly man and bunny bringing me presents and eggs made me happy, just like most kids. As i grew(7) and I came to realize the truth: that they were mom and dad and no there wasn't any reindere's. Although this upset me it didn't change my attitude about the holidays, and most important the love that was behind them ( even though the participants changed.)
: THE POINT: with religion many things are uncertian and things change, EX:scientific breakthoughs disprove something, But the important thing is that what was behind it, The message of love, compassion, worldly brotherhood, still remains.
: If you truly believed in the overall message of easter(religion) than noing there is no easter bunny didn't discourage you but opened your eyes to what was really behind it.

: OPEN HEART: I disagree 100% with the notion that religion is for the week. I feel people get this misconception is there because most people turn to religion when they are weak. I feel this is because at times of personal suffering people tend to put thing in perspective and realize what is most important (their loved ones ex...) My own personal experience contradicts that of weakness. It would be easiest for me to throw away my morals and live like everyone else, but it is hard and takes courage to take a stand for what you believe in, knowing that it will be tougher on me.
: " dare to be differn't, Dare to walk against the wind."
: Robin williams, dead poet society -inspiring

: FREE WILL: When debating religion you have to take into account free will, The door is there for you but YOU have to walk through it.

: Final Note: A big probloem between non believers and believers is the fact that non believers feel believers are always trying to influence and change them, if that appears so its not. I cant give a good explantion or answer but i'll Say this......
: WHAT GOOD IS A HEAVEN IF NOBODY SHOWED UP" - hence, its up to you free will.

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