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PLEEEEZE HELP ME!!! I think my husband is cheating!

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Posted by Kim Comeau on February 26, 2001 at 19:10:04:

I have such a strong feeling that my husband is cheating that I can't cope with life right now. On August 9th a drove by a bar to find him in the car with another girl. I flipped out completley. He says to me that he was smoking a joint with her(which he does on occasion) He says that she was his friends wife and he asked anyone if they wanted to smoke and her husband said she does. When I pulled up they were sitting on opposite sides of the car and it looked like they wern't even talking. I was a wreck about this for a couple of weeks nd then decided to try to let it go and trust him. Then I find some random sheet in a bag ( a store I don't shop at) in my garage. We do go camping a lot and I've asked everyone if they are missing a green sheet, and nobody is. Then I find a CD this morning that most likely a girl would listen to in my house. He has no idea where or how these things are. I find it so hard to believe. My friends don't think Greg is possible of cheating because he shows a lot of love to me. He really doesn't seem like the type of person that would pick someone up at a bar. I've known him for twelve years and we have two boys and we've had a lot of problems. He's put me through a lot of hell that I've forgiven him for, but I will never forgive cheating. I can't live with the not knowing it's tearing me apart inside. He acts like I'm nuts and he can look me in the eyes and swear on his childrens lives that he has done nothing, and it's in my head. All these horrible thoughts of deception go through my head all day everyday. I truly feel something isn't right. Please Help!!

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