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Re: My husband lied right to my face about a hotel he stayed at..

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Posted by Robert on May 24, 2001 at 12:06:54:

In Reply to: Re: My husband lied right to my face about a hotel he stayed at.. posted by Your Husband on May 23, 2001 at 12:45:16:

: The truth is that I want to eat my cake and, at the same time,
: keep it safely for later (when I might be even hungrier).
: I am a lying cocksucker, Amy.
: If I could get away with it, I would have sex with anyone. your mother, your sister, your best friend.
: I have even fantasized about doing your best friend while you watch, helplessly, from a window across the street.
: I know that you are terrified of divorce and that you're the first to back down, so my
: lies don't really matter. It's obvious that I'm lying, but I know that you don't have
: the spine to assert yourself.
: I will continue to screw around until you grow a set of balls.


Obviously, husband, you do know how to commit it!
You have no respect for your wife, no love for her either, no honoring of your marriage vows, and no intention of changing your ways. Your wife has to see the light, file for divorce, and find someone else to start over with. It will take time, NOT, to get over the lies and abuse, to risk starting over with someone who will be true, love her and honor committments, marriage vows. I only hope that no children are going to be affected by divorce. Wife,
get a lawyer, fast! Your marriage is not worth saving!

: : My husband Bob went to England last Dec. for a so called business trip. He wouldn't tell me where he was staying or who he was going with. He had been in London 2 months prior for business, and upon return was uncommunicative and distant in our marriage. We didn't even have sex. I could recieve no answers from him about anything, so I looked in his wallet and found a business card with a womans name and the days she was off work listed on it. To make a long story short, when he went back to Engalnd (in a sea of secrecy..) he had said that he stayed at a hotel an hour outside of London where his companies plant was. I have asked him about it several times and he has lied right to my face. Well, today I have proof that he DID stay in the hotel IN LONDON, right on the same street where that girl was working. I asked him about it on the phone, and He said that he didn't tell me the truth about where he stayed because I have snooped on him before. He is always vague and defensive when faced w/tough questions? Why won't he just tell me the truth? What can I say to get through to him that honesty is better than lying, because the lies hurt more than the affair would? Any thoughts?

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