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Re: lying husband-PLEASE HELP!!

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Posted by Robert on August 08, 2001 at 19:15:45:

In Reply to: lying husband-PLEASE HELP!! posted by Tammy on August 08, 2001 at 13:30:01:

: My husband of 2 years told me and the lady at the office where we went to get our marriage license that I was his 3rd marriage, I thought I would be his 2nd, come to find out a few mths later thru friends & the internet, I am his 5th wife. He told me he only had 1 child w/ his 2nd wife, come to find out he has 2 & now our 14 mth old baby. All the ex's sd he was very abusive to them. He is to me also, only verbal, not physical. He has accused me of cheating plenty, goes thru my stuff all the time, redials the phone when he comes in *69, doesn't like it when the phone is for me, on &on. I can't deal w/ it anymore. Now he has been giving me the silent treatment for about a mth & a half. I always have to EXPLAIN EVERYTHING I DO. I am so tired of this someone PLEASE HELP!!


Are you totally dependent on this jerk? He is a total loser! Dump him! Is this your first marriage? How did you select this guy? Why did you select this guy? If you say, "I love him," I will say that, sometimes, "love is blind." Are your eyes open now? Lying is only one of your husband's faults! I'll bet that he is behind on his child support checks too. I think that you and the ex-wives should form a club, compare notes, put this guy in jail for abusive behavior, whatever other charges he is guilty of, breech of promise is one! There must be a history on this man, of womanizing, adultry, possibly even bigamy.
How young are you to be so naive`in your choice of a marriage partner? I am sure that your husband has taken advantage of you. You have a child by him. Was this child conceived out-of-wedlock? (yours and his, I mean.) Did he make you feel obligated to marry him in order to have a legal surname for the child? I think that you have made a lot of mistakes, compounded by the dishonesty of your husband. I am wondering if you are ready to make him your ex-husband too? It is, probably, the best option you have going now. You have four examples to follow!


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