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Re: am I expecting too much understanding?

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Posted by Rachel on September 28, 2001 at 08:36:48:

In Reply to: Re: am I expecting too much understanding? posted by Glyn on September 24, 2001 at 13:19:27:

Dear Glyn,
I'm very interested in knowing what your longstanding lie was with her your girlfriend that casued you both to break up after four years. This is the most interesting discussion I have ever seen on the internet. I mean, this lady telling us about what seemed a simple enough fib turns out to wreck her love and then you tell of your lie that wrecked yours. I've been reading Lies People Tell for years and I haven't seen people really opening up like this until recently in the different forums.

I feel compelled to tell some lie story of my own but I'm only twenty two and haven't had a lot of experience with lies. Well, hah, I went to a Catholic Highschool and basically everytime I put on that uniform it was a lie but it was like so much a part of my life. I did remain a virgin all through highschool but as soon as I got to college I just bust out. But that's another story for like some other kid of website -- except of course for the fact that I never told my parents what I was up to. Would that be considered lying? I suppose so. Sometimes I have nightmares that I'm going to get found out about all that.

But Glyn -- add more!

: I've had some experience in long-standing lies, and not telling, and being afraid. I know how it feels to HAVE to tell someone something, but being afraid you'll lose what you have with them.

: Seeing as a similar situation caused my girlfriend of four years and I to break up, I can't say I agree with what you did, but I do believe that everyone in the world deserves a second chance. We're only human, and we make mistakes, and I agree with you that love transcends that.

: Maybe it's better you're not with him, if he wasn't as understanding as you thought he'd be.

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