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CaN SomeonE PleasE KiLL ME?

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Posted by BlacK RainboW on March 25, 2002 at 17:42:17:

life is shit. dont get me wrong, it just is. okay, im the younger sister of a screw up. i am expected to be perfect. always needing to be the good one. well, i got a boyfriend. yea, he was totally oppisite of me but screw that, we liked eachother. he was my first kiss and he really meant a lot to me. but he was totally different from me. he was the mister skater cool guy and i was the grungy bitch wallflower. well, we had been going out for a month and things were just going downward. i told my friend that i wanted to break up wth him and she told him, so he made sure he was the first to dump me. so hen he is telling all his little gooney friends a lot of bullshit that is making me look really bad. and my mom is trying to get me to do all these extra ciricular things. no body really new i was plundging into depression when i was about 13 because well, i never told anyone. but i became a recluse and objectified everything. and now, im at the brim. i cant take all this bullshit that is dished out to me daily. i was thinking and i want to expeirence more in life, but i need to drift away. my friend is really into heroin and i can only talk to him about this stuff. he suggested heroin and i need peoples input. suicide or drugs? there is no other way.

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