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I am a 21 year old college student who tries very hard to keep myself on
the straight and narrow. 

I know how to have fun, but I never take it to extremes. 

I am nice to everyone and physically attractive. 

I do have a problem with various people telling lies about me.  Rumors about me seem to just pop up out of nowhere. 

Why do people find the need to try and get the best of me with untrue rumors? 

How can I deal with the pain and confusion this causes me?



Lies People Tell Replies:

Dear M.,

There is a simple truth about life that applies here:

I can do nothing about what other people think or do.

If you give this some thought you'll see that while you can provide others with truthful information or a persuasive argument, when it comes down to it, others will do what they will do.

Unfortunately, this may include gossiping and starting rumors about you.

But then, what they do is really none of your business.   It might feel like your business, if they are talking about you, but really, that's their business, not yours.  Leave them to it.

My advice is this: Stick to your path on the straight and narrow and stop worrying about what others may are may not be thinking of you.  Find friends you can trust and allow the ones that gossip about you to drift away.  You don't need them anyway.

Thanks for writing in,

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