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Puh-lease. Why would anyone even consider banning this website? Lies People Tell can actually open our eyes to lies people may have told us.

It can remove blinders from us.

Do you really think that if a high school student doesn't see this site that they will never be lied to?  Guess again! You can't protect people from liars. Also, I graduated from high school a year ago and I am not an idiot. I am also mature enough to realize the consequences of my actions.

And do you think that banning this website will keep us from making mistakes?

Nearly all of the submissions are from adults so its obvious that you aren't the angels that you are making yourselves out to be.
                --- Becky

Reply from Lies People Tell:

Dear Becky,

Congratulations for making your way through the brain factory with some ability to think for yourself still intact. 

Sometimes I wonder if the educational system might be more interested in pumping out sheep than educated thinkers.

Keep up the good work,


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