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Del Sol
It's hard for me to admit, but here at Lies People Tell, we have to tell the truth:  We don't hold a candle to Web Del Sol -- perhaps the finest literary web site out there.  "The nature of WDS is not to present a specific theme per issue, but simply to acquire and frame the finest contemporary literary art available in America and abroad, and to array it in such a manner that it speaks for itself. You might say that Web Del Sol classifies as a grand experiment, a literary event at once in a continuous state of birthing and crescendo, always becoming--yet a bit of the ideal world too, for the concept never changes, i.e., to discover, nurture, and webpublish the finest in contemporary fiction, essays, and poetry."  And all dat ain't no lie!
Smartish Pace SMARTISH PACE is a great poetry journal that offers the ERSKINE J. POETRY PRIZE.


(or at least we are told they are lies)

Amway recruiters "little white lies." Do you really save 30% off of household items as a distributor?
The University of North Dakota-A Fraud In Medical Education Was there a concerted effort by members of her program's administration to force this medical student to fail?  These are nasty lies!
News Reports Lies People Tell when they are caught in EXTREMELY embarrassing situations.  These have been collected at a great site called POPart.
LIES and MANKIND An excellent and well researched essay on the history and use of lies, by Danny Keck.
monkeyburgerssmall.gif (2214 bytes) The stories at this site are a bit strange, or special. Or both.  In Holland they call them `broodje aap verhalen' which can be translated as `Monkeyburgers'.

Rumors Rumors Rumors

Bringing you the best sites for rumors, gossip, weird news, conspiracy theories and urban legends.



wwla.gif (1260 bytes) Warren Olney is the finest radio interviewer in America and Which Way LA? is the finest radio program in America.  This link will lead you to the Real Audio broadcast of the last few weeks of the show.  They are always amazing, surprising and incredibly informative. 



A Quiet Place
Leslye Layne Russell, Poet

Some poets have a gentleness about their writing that makes the world a quiet place...
Didogart's Picadilly Fascinating and interesting resources for heart, mind and spirit.   (Some excellent web design tools, also.)
Bub's Fruitcake Outlet The workers at Bub's Zine have revolted because Bub makes them eat off the floor and he won't stop disparaging their mothers.

 In The Grip Of The Web

Stunning ring of sites containing original poetry, fiction and essays.

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I believe it was Burt Bacharach who wrote, "What the world needs now, is love sweet love...."  Well, at Codehouse they believe that what the world needs now is  high quality Java Programming and Egg Timers.  Yes, you heard me correctly: Egg  Timers.   Go to CodeHouse for your FREE Egg Timer.

Stories Of The Five

This tiny site is put up by  some lunatic who apparently loves fire and freeways.  It is dedicated to stories that happen to people who drive on lonely highways.


As opposed to HIGHCOO.  Haiku by a man not afraid to try peeing in the bath as a remedy to hair loss.

POETS   on the line

Award winning online poetry journal.   This episode contains powerful and touching poems from VIETNAM VETERANS / POETS.

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Peter Howard has a passion for exposing people to poetry and has not only an excellent collection of it at his site but also a list of links for excellent poetry around the world. Lies People Tell thanks him for giving us his Hot Poetry Site award for the haiku we have collected here.

Web Manor

With a links list like this, who else needs lists of links?

Road To No Where

This is a visually a stunning site with very cool content.

Amatuer Poetry Journal

A fabulous site to visit if you are looking to read great poetry or perhaps publish some of your own.

Edible Brain

This site actually scared me once.  There was some link that led me to this photograph of some beautiful women -- a famous model or actress or something whose name I have forgotten.  She was nice looking until a serpent's tongue crawled out of her mouth and licked her eyeball.  I can't seem to shake this disturbing image but I shouldn't allow it to color my entire impression of what is an excellent site that inquires into the nature of the human psyche and the cosmos.

All-4-Free Freebie Tree

Short and simple: 1000+ freebies. Updated daily!


Short and simple: Excellent list of freebies!





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The Free Site!
The Freebie Directory
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