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"If You Loved Me, You'd Sleep With Me."



I was 16 at the time and dating this 'perfect' guy.  He was a super athlete, played violin (he was my stand partner infact), and he had the highest grade point average in a school of 2000 kids.  He was good looking and funny.  My parents thought I'd struck gold.  He kept pressuring me to have sex with him.   One night we were sitting on the floor in my bedroom talking.  After some soft talk and trying to get me into bed he says, "If you loved me you'd have sex with me." 

I could not believe what I was hearing. 

"If you loved me you'd wait!" I retorted.  Nothing more was said about it. 

He had a friend named Mary.  Mary was his best friend.  "She's just a friend". 

I was a trusting fool and I still am. 

He went out with Mary on occasion and I believed in him.  Prom time came around and he was offering me Mary's old dresses and she was being super extraordinarly nice to me.  Bells went off but I ignored them.  Another month goes by and he takes me for icecream and tells me that he's bored with the relationship.  I still hadn't slept with him.  My parents were mad at me for losing this guy!  After all, he was gold right?  They had no idea what a creep he was. 

Many years later (we're still friends) I confronted him about Mary.  He admitted to me that he had slept with her while he was dating me.  It seems she was a bit more than his friend.  I give him credit for owning up to the dirty deed.   At least I know the truth now.

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