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Five and Half Years of The Same Lie



I have been seeing this guy for five and a half   years at this point. We became best friends and the relationship advanced quickly from there.

We were inseperable. We could always confide in each other. We have made plans to marry and move in together as soon as he finished with his BA last month.

Yesterday, he told me that he hadn't gone to school, except for one semester in the beginning and that he never graduated and has no degree!

He would sign up for classes over and over again but would soon quit for fear of failing. He also said he was afraid to tell me for two reasons:

1) He would attempt to sign up every semester and thought, "Maybe THIS time I will be able to go through with it."

2) He was afraid of losing me, since this was going to be his career and source of income.

I was stunned & shocked to discover our future plans together have been trashed. But cannot forget the fact that he didn't come to me with the problem!

I mean,five and a half years is a long time to have to put up a fascade of going to college. I asked about report cards and was given copies cleverly printed off his computer.

I feel broken.

Lost dreams and plans, we got along so good together.

He's helped me with ailing pets and family members, with bills, bought me just about anything I took a fancy to.  Whenever I needed help he would be there, basically I've had no real problems with him until now.

We even argued well. I've always thought its not how well you get along in the good times, but when things get tough, how you resolve it together; and he was great at calming things down.

But in these past years, not once did he respect me enough or trust me enough to tell me about this so we could work it out together. I am so confused as to what to do.





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