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She Was A Lair And A Thief



Here is one for your archives!  I was going out with this girl for about a year, we moved in together after about the first two months. Anyway things always came up throughout the year that I just dismissed as most guys would, like her friends telling me various stories about different guys. Anyway, she moves to Connecticut for about two months on business. The whole time we were in touch and was there for her. Finally, I go out there to bring her back after the two months were up. I step off the plane (by the way, I live in Los Angeles) and immediately, I know something is up. She just gives me a hug, and say's "come on let’s go." Now I was in Connecticut, and I was ether asked to wait in the car or introduced as "a friend." So my wheels start turning, trying to figure out what was going on.

I come to find out she had made a guy friend while she was there. Bingo! It's so obvious, right guys? I must have asked her a dozen times what was up with her and this guy, always the same response, say it with me now: "we're just friends." So I let it go, knowing that she would slip up sooner or later. So I come to find out one night after sleeping with her, that she might be pregnant! I said "oh really, and who might the luck guy be, because it certainly can't be me." Guess who! I just said that I knew it all along and that she had to be out by Saturday. This was just the beginning. On top of finding out that she cheated on me there, I found out, after some interrogation, that this wasn't the first or even second time she had done this while we were together. So I kicked her out. One week later I go to the ATM to get some money out. Empty! All my money was gone! So I called the bank to see what was going on, and I found out that she had done it! So I got all the info, and once I got all my facts straight I called her. When she answered, I asked here straight out why she emptied my account. She asked what I was talking about, and how I could do that to her. So I presented her with the evidence, and told her that she had better stop lying, because I had already reported her to the police. Silence followed as she knew she was caught in the lie. It turns out that she broke into my house, stole my pin number, and emptied my account. I made her pay me back, but you know what the funny thing was, she blamed all of it on me for kicking her out. She said that it was so hard to make ends meet. Liars never want to take responsibility for their actions, and she was the worst. She had no remorse, or any kind of feelings for what she had done. So guys watch out for those black widows they'll sneak up on you, and when that happens, the only thing you can do is use their lies against them!






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