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has to be something

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Posted by Catalyzt on March 05, 2001 at 07:06:27:

i beleive there isa greater intelligence in the univers.
I call it God and follow the what Christ taught because I think they come very close to what we are supposed to be doing.
There is too much structure for there not to be some sort of intelligence..the simple fact of laws (i.e. gravity) proves..the fact that math has only one answer proves a lot of order in the universe. I beleive in science and it doesn't contradict my beleifs in a God. Think on this: Physics has proved that we can neither creat nor destroy energy..energy is atoms..if we cannot create or destroy them then every single atom has always been here from the beginning of time...That means that inside each atom lies the knowledge of the truth. I think there is something about the form of energy we take that keeps us from comprehending what is really going on.. think on this also..if you could speed up the being that is you and remain you you would probably see a whole other universe that is operating at a different speed then we are. Cool huh?

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