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Why do you believe? The reasons

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Posted by Ezekiel 25:17 on March 06, 2001 at 01:42:26:

Hey folks!
Just a short msg, as I've been very busy lately.
Therz an e-mail if anyone cares enough to mail me.
I'm asking for 1-2 line reasons why people believe in God. Below I've listed a few examples of why people believe, and I'm seeking other short reasons for belief in God, be he a Christian, Buddhist, Wiccan, a she, or just general belief. You might also just want to tick one of the examples below.

I believe because:
1. I was brought up in a religious background, go to church every Sunday, and was how I was brought up.
2. I'm frightened of death and hope for a paradise in the afterlife, and besides what do I have to lose?
3. The precepts and teachings of the Church closely correlate with my own beliefs and goals in life.
4. God has shown himself to me via a miracle personally or via an evangelist.
5. The weight of history and religious artifacts, including the bible, strongly indicate there is a God.
6. The church provides a solid social base of friendly, caring people and all my friends also believe.

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