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Re: Why do you believe? The reasons

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Posted by Chris on March 08, 2001 at 22:48:22:

In Reply to: Why do you believe? The reasons posted by Ezekiel 25:17 on March 06, 2001 at 01:42:26:


Ahh things are looking up. I very rarely jump in but I have to tell you and Aslan that I very much enjoyed your exchange on the previous board. You two were the prime motivators for me to get this new forum system. I had a hard time telling whose post came first so I decided to put this up so things would be kept straight.

Oddly, Aslan seems to have not noticed that you posted on the 6th when he came lookig for you with his post on the 8th -- we must remind people to refresh the page when they view it by clicking the REFRESH button on the browser. It's a little clunky but it will work to show all the new posts.

: Hey folks!
: Just a short msg, as I've been very busy lately.
: Therz an e-mail if anyone cares enough to mail me.
: I'm asking for 1-2 line reasons why people believe in God. Below I've listed a few examples of why people believe, and I'm seeking other short reasons for belief in God, be he a Christian, Buddhist, Wiccan, a she, or just general belief. You might also just want to tick one of the examples below.

: I believe because:
: 1. I was brought up in a religious background, go to church every Sunday, and was how I was brought up.
: 2. I'm frightened of death and hope for a paradise in the afterlife, and besides what do I have to lose?
: 3. The precepts and teachings of the Church closely correlate with my own beliefs and goals in life.
: 4. God has shown himself to me via a miracle personally or via an evangelist.
: 5. The weight of history and religious artifacts, including the bible, strongly indicate there is a God.
: 6. The church provides a solid social base of friendly, caring people and all my friends also believe.

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